About OCaml-bitcoin

OCaml-bitcoin is a library offering an OCaml interface to the official Bitcoin client API. It works by making JSON-RPC calls over the network to a running Bitcoin daemon offering the client API.

OCaml-bitcoin is developed by Dario Teixeira and is licensed under the terms of the LGPL 2.1 (with the OCaml linking exception).


The core library depends solely on Yojson and Cryptokit. If you wish to build the auxiliary libraries, each has different dependencies:

Downloads and development

OCaml-bitcoin is distributed in source-code form. You can get all releases from the project's page at GitHub or the OCaml Forge. The latest version is OCaml-bitcoin 2.0, released on 2015-07-19.

Bulding and Installing

OCaml-bitcoin uses OASIS. Building and installing follows the costumary configure, make, and make install sequence. To generate the ocamldoc API documentation, run make doc.


You can browse the Ocamldoc generated API documentation online.