Index of values

addmultisigaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Add a n-required-to-sign multisignature address to the wallet, optionally associated with account.
addnode [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Allows manually adding/removing a node.
amount_of_float [Bitcoin]
Converts a BTC quantity expressed as a float into its Bitcoin.amount_t representation.

backupwallet [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Safely backs up wallet file to the given destination, which can be either a directory or a path with filename.
bind [Bitcoin.HTTPCLIENT.Monad]

catch [Bitcoin.HTTPCLIENT.Monad]
createmultisig [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Creates a m-of-n multi-signature address.
createrawtransaction [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
createrawtransaction inputs outputs creates a raw transaction that transfers the given inputs (a list of transaction outputs) to the given outputs (a list of addresses and amounts).

decoderawtransaction [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns an object containing information concerning the given raw transaction.
decodescript [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the decoded version of a hex-encoded script.
default [Bitcoin.CONNECTION]
dumpprivkey [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the private key corresponding to the given address.
dumpwallet [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Dumps all wallet keys in a human readable format.

encryptwallet [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Encrypts the wallet with the given passphrase.
estimatefee [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Estimates the transaction fee (per kilobyte) that needs to be paid for a transaction to be included within the given number of blocks.
estimatepriority [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Estimates the priority that a transaction needs to have in order to be included within the given number of blocks without paying a transaction fee.

fail [Bitcoin.HTTPCLIENT.Monad]
float_of_amount [Bitcoin]
Converts a BTC quantity expressed as an Bitcoin.amount_t into its float representation.

getaccount [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the account associated with the given address.
getaccountaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the receiving address currently associated with the given account.
getaddednodeinfo [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the list of nodes manually added with Bitcoin.ENGINE.addnode.
getaddednodeinfo_verbose [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a list with more information about the nodes manually added with Bitcoin.ENGINE.addnode.
getaddressesbyaccount [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Return all addresses associated with the given account.
getbalance [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
If account is provided, returns the balance available in that account.
getbestblockhash [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the block hash for the head block in the best block chain.
getblock [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the hex-encoded, serialised data for the block with the given block hash.
getblock_verbose [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the available data for the block with the given block hash.
getblockchaininfo [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns information concerning the current state of the block chain.
getblockcount [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the number of blocks in the best block chain.
getblockhash [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the block hash for the block located at the given index in the longest block chain.
getblocktemplate [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns data needed to construct a block to work on.
getchaintips [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns information about the highest-height block (tip) of each local block chain.
getconnectioncount [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the number of connections to peer nodes.
getdifficulty [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the current difficulty (as a multiple of the minimum difficulty).
getgenerate [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Are we currently trying to generate new blocks?
getmempoolinfo [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns information about the node's current transaction memory pool.
getmininginfo [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns an object containing mining related information.
getnettotals [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns information about network traffic.
getnetworkhashps [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the estimated number of hashes per second of the entire network
getnetworkinfo [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns miscelaneous information concerning the node's connection to the P2P network.
getnewaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a newly generated address.
getpeerinfo [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns information about each connected peer.
getrawchangeaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a new address for receiving change.
getrawmempool [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns all transaction IDs currently in the memory pool.
getrawmempool_verbose [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns detailed information about all transactions currently in the memory pool.
getrawtransaction [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the raw transaction corresponding to the given transaction ID.
getrawtransaction_verbose [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns all the raw information concerning the transaction with the given ID.
getreceivedbyaccount [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the total amount received on the given account.
getreceivedbyaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the total amount received on this address.
gettransaction [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns an object containing various information about the given transaction.
gettxout [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns detailed information concerning a given unspent transaction output.
gettxoutsetinfo [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns some statistics about the current set of unspent transaction outputs.
getunconfirmedbalance [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns the total unconfirmed balance.
getwalletinfo [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns miscelaneous information about the wallet.

importaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Adds an address or pubkey script to the wallet without the associated private key, allowing watching for transactions affecting that address or pubkey script, but without being able to spend any of its outputs.
importprivkey [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Adds a private key to the wallet.
importwallet [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Imports keys from a wallet dump, produced for example by Bitcoin.ENGINE.dumpwallet.

keypoolrefill [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Refills the keypool.

listaccounts [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a list of all accounts and associated balance.
listaddressgroupings [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a list of the groups of addresses whose common ownership has been made public by common use as inputs or as the resulting change in past transactions.
listlockunspent [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a list of temporarily unspendable transaction outputs.
listreceivedbyaccount [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a list of the total amount received by each account.
listreceivedbyaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a list of the total amount received by each address.
listsinceblock [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a pair consisting of a list of all transactions and the block hash of the latest block.
listtransactions [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns up to count most recent transactions skipping the first from transactions for account.
listunspent [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a list of the unspent transaction outputs that have between minconf and maxconf confirmations (these default to 1 and 9_999_999, respectively).
lockunspent [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Updates the list of temporarily unspendable transaction outputs.

move [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
move ?minconf ?comment from_account to_account amount transfers the given amount from one account to another.

ping [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Sends a ping to all other nodes.
post_string [Bitcoin.HTTPCLIENT]
prioritisetransaction [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
prioritisetransaction txid delta_prio delta_fee adjusts the priority of transaction txid by delta_prio, while also adjusting the transaction fee by delta_fee.

return [Bitcoin.HTTPCLIENT.Monad]

sendfrom [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Transfers a given amount to the specified address, deducting the balance of the given account.
sendmany [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Makes multiple transfers from a given account.
sendrawtransaction [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Transmits the given raw transaction to the network.
sendtoaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Transfers a given amount to the specified address, deducting the balance of the default account.
setaccount [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Associates the given address with the given account.
setgenerate [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Turns on/off the generation of new blocks (a.k.a.
settxfee [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Sets the transaction fee to be used in subsequent transactions.
signmessage [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Signs the given message with the private key of the given address.
signrawtransaction [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Signs a raw transaction, returning a pair with the signed transaction in hex format and a boolean indicating whether all private keys required for a successful signing have been found.
stop [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Shuts down the server.
submitblock [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Attempts to submit new block to network.

validateaddress [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Is the given address a valid Bitcoin address? If so, this function returns an object containing miscelaneous information about that address.
verifychain [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Verifies the blockchain database.
verifymessage [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Returns a boolean indicating whether a supposedly signed message does indeed correspond to a source message signed with the given address.

walletlock [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
Removes the wallet decryption key from memory, thus effectively locking the wallet.
walletpassphrase [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
walletpassphrase passphrase timeout unlocks an encrypted wallet, storing the decryption key in memory.
walletpassphrasechange [Bitcoin.ENGINE]
walletpassphrasechange old_passphrase new_passphrase changes the wallet passphrase from old_passphrase to new_passphrase.